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All Bark, No Bite

Charlotte and Eugene live a quiet, no-nonsense lifestyle surrounded by sudoku and argyle. Robert and Bella are boisterous and messy and ridiculously in love. Then there’s the neighbor, Suzanne, who basically doesn’t know what’s going on, but definitely has something to say about it.

Hold on to your seats, you’re in for a delightfully surprising tale about connections. Sure, relationships can be exciting! But, they can also be confusing, unexpected and full of risk. They are almost always worth exploring; and if we’re willing to be vulnerable, they can fill the vacant spaces in our hearts.

And if they don’t work? Well, you can always get a dog.

All Bark, No Bite is a romantic comedy about relationships, and is built upon a clever conceit that is skillfully revealed in the opening minutes. This witty bite holds the audience for the rest of the show in this sweet and heartfelt play.

This comedic farce has legs. Lots of them.

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