Coronado Playhouse Announces Auditions for its Production of:


Book by Doug Wright
Music by Trey Anastasio and Amanda Green
Lyrics by Amanda Green

Director: Teri Brown
Music Director: Jerrica Ignacio
Choreographer: Patrick Mayuyu
Producer: Rebecca Leigh

Show synopsis:

Hands on a Hardbody is based on the documentary film of the same name and is a true story of 10 hard-luck Texans vying to win a new pickup truck and with it – the hope for a better life.

Rehearsals will begin in June with the schedule based on the creative team and performers’ schedules. 

The production runs September 2-25, 2022 with performances Thursday – Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 2pm. To account for the possibility of canceled performances due to COVID, all performers should also be available from added shows during the weekend of September 29-October 2.  No conflicts with performance dates will be permitted. 

All performers are guaranteed a $100 honorarium to cover the costs of transportation. Note that this is strictly a non-union production.

Auditions will be held by appointment on Sunday, May 22 and Monday, May 23 from 7-10pm. Callbacks will be held on Wednesday, May 25. All auditions and callbacks will be held in person at Coronado Playhouse but please contact us if you have a conflict and wish to submit video materials.

To select an appointment time and be considered, please submit this form: The audition form collects your personal information – including any known conflicts with the rehearsal dates.

For auditions, please prepare a contemporary rock or country song. You must bring your own sheet music to your audition. 

If you have any questions not answered in this announcement, you may email

Coronado Playhouse is committed to inclusivity, and encourages ALL members of our community to submit, particularly members of communities who have historically been excluded or underrepresented — including but not limited to artists of color, Native American and Indigenous artists, women, non-binary and gender non-conforming artists, LGBTQ+ artists, and artists with disabilities.

COVID-19 NOTICE: for the protection of our staff and volunteers, all cast and production team members must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and prepared to show a record of vaccinations and booster shots prior to the start of rehearsals. 


We are seeking a diverse, multiracial cast for this show. Some roles specify ethnic or racial identity, while most do not. All characters with exception of Ronald have a Texas accent.

Note that all roles must be played by adults over 18.

Jesus Peña – Contestant – Latino. First in his family to aspire to college. A sweet, soft-spoken young man with a big heart, he hopes to win the truck and to pay his tuition to veterinary school. Bilingual. Tenor.

Norma Valverde – Contestant – Latina or African American. 30-40 something. A mother and woman of faith, she’s impervious to irony: she relies on her faith to get her through the contest. Mezzo-Soprano with a strong, high belt.

Janis Curtis – Contestant – 40’s-50’s. A self-proclaimed redneck with a couple missing teeth who birthed a brood of children. What Janis lacks in polish she makes up for in pure horse-sense. Alto that can also belt a bit higher.

J.D. Drew – Contestant – Lost his job and his pension when he fell off an oil rig, still recovering from surgery. 50-something. Baritone.

Kelly Mangrum – Contestant – A young woman with a tomboy toughness and gritty ambition. Works night shift at UPS so she can save up to split town. Alto with a belt to a D.

Benny Perkins – Contestant – White, 40-ish, won the contest two years ago, all talk, good-natured. Enjoys manipulating and intimidating the other contestants, but not a purposely mean guy. Tenor.

Greg Wilhote – Contestant – Laid off, wants to go to Hollywood and be a stuntman, the only resident of Longview who drives a VW Bug… and it’s his mother’s used one at that. Tenor.

Chris Alvaro – Contestant – 20’s-30’s something Marine Corps veteran, struggling with PTSD and return to civilian life. The contest is his last attempt to prove himself to his estranged wife and child that he is a strong man of value. Tenor.

Ronald McCowan – Contestant – African American, from the Louisiana bayou, compulsively good-natured and a self-styled ladies’ man with girlfriends in three states, a big talker who loves Snickers bars. Strong baritone or baritenor.

Heather Stovall – Contestant – White, late 20’s. Still derives her glory and reputation from her days as head cheerleader in high school. A girly girl, her biggest fear about the competition is her inability to shower and re-apply her makeup. Mezzo-Soprano comfortable singing in alto/belt and soprano range.

Mike Ferris – Floor Manager at Floyd King Nissan. NASCAR fan and motorcycle enthusiast. Has the slick, slightly coercive air of a diehard car salesman. Good country rock voice. Tenor.

Cindy Barnes – Marketing Director at Floyd King Nissan. A former beauty queen with lacquered Texas hair. The car lot has been steadily losing sales and this contest is “make or break” time for Cindy. Mezzo-Soprano.

Frank Nugent – Radio disk jockey, a showman, ability to play guitar a plus. Tenor.

Virginia Drew – J.D.’s wife. Tried to talk sense into her husband, a few years younger than him and is concerned about his health. Mezzo-Soprano.

Don Curtis – Janis’ husband and partner. He’s come to the car lot to support his wife, complete with hand-made posters and a giant piece of cardboard strapped to his head that says “Go, Baby, Go!” He, Janis and their eight children live in a trailer park. Also doubles as Dr. Stokes. Baritone.

Dr. Stokes – Psychology professor at the local university and expert on sleep deprivation brought on for the radio broadcast (same actor as Don Curtis). Speaking role.

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